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Tower Climbers Union/CWA Mission Statement

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We are workers of a specialized and unique trade. Our talents connect the entire country. It is our skills, dedication, and expertise that build and maintain America’s communication infrastructure. We take great pride in our work and we are worthy of more.

Together, our intentions are to move forward with what will be a monumental task, building a union. A union that advocates for resources and assets to flow from the top to support climbers and companies out in the field.

Our mission is to champion and defend the interests and well-being of all tower climbers and all
who perform work at a wireless site.

  • We will fight for safety first, always.
  • We will build and sustain a higher standard of living and security for workers in the wireless industry. 
  • We will unite all our members into one strong union.
  • We will maintain relationships founded upon trust, accountability, integrity, and shared goals.
  • We will provide a skilled and productive workforce while ensuring high standards of safety and quality.
  • We will secure adequate pay for workers and financial security from wireless carriers.
  • We will fight for better work/life balance for workers in the industry.

This is our union, started and organized by Tower Hands for Tower Hands. We are backed by
the Communications Workers of America (CWA), the nation’s major telecom union. We can
make this work for us all. We have power in numbers. It's time we come together and use it.

United, stronger together.