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Ready to get more involved? Reach out to us to join a committee! 

Organizing Committee 

Our Organizing Committee is the group that steers the direction of our organizing campaign. We hold regular bi-weekly meetings, where we share important updates and vote on strategies and actions. Organizing Committee members do the groundwork vital to keep our campaign going! All TCU/CWA members are welcome to join our Organizing Committee.

Social Media Committee

Our Social Media committee generates ideas for relevant Climber content and collaboratively fine-tunes and votes on posts and messages our Union puts out. The Social Media Committee also puts out updates on meeting dates, spreads the word about the Union to help build it up, encourages members to join meetings, and connect with other climbers on whatever platforms you’re comfortable with. We meet once a month, and between those meetings we communicate over a group chat on Whatsapp. 

Safety Committee

On this committee we discuss and generate ideas to address safety issues. This committee led the creation of our Safety Survey that we used to gather data that’s necessary for our campaign. Upcoming, we want to make content for “safety day” posts, where the committee identifies safety topics specifically related to our industry to raise awareness on social media – things that the Tower Climber community should know to make sure we all get home safe.

Adrian Regalado
(916) 297-0097