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Communications Workers of America Local 9424 



Article I. NAME.  

This Local shall be known as Tower Climbers Union/CWA – Communications Workers of America, Local  9424 (TCU/CWA).  

Article II. MISSION.  

TCU/CWA Local 9424 will work to improve working conditions in the tower industry, secure a voice for  tower workers, and provide for the participation of workers in making the industry safer and more equitable  for everyone.  

Integral to our workplace struggles, we commit to resist all forms of discrimination on the basis of race,  ethnicity, nationality, gender, class, sexuality, religion, and ability. 


The jurisdiction of the Local shall be all workers employed in all tiers of the telecommunications tower  industry. 

Article IV. STRUCTURE.  

The structure of this Local shall consist of the following:  

1) The Membership.  

2) The Executive Board.  

3) The Local Officers.  

4) Various Work Committees. 


The affairs of the Local shall be governed by its membership in accordance with the Constitution and  policies of CWA in the following manner:  

(a) Through action taken in membership meetings or by referendum of the membership.  (b) Through actions and decisions of the Executive Board between membership meetings.  (c) Through actions of the Local Officers between meetings of the Executive Board.  


Section 1. Eligibility.  

Any person eligible for membership in the Communications Workers of America, as defined by  Article V of its Constitution, shall be eligible for membership in the Local, if performing work  within the Local’s jurisdiction or if employed on a part-time or full-time basis by the Union or Local.  Individuals are eligible for membership regardless of craft, skill, age, race/ethnicity, gender, sexual  orientation, religious or political beliefs or affiliation, disability, or immigration status.

Section 2. Admission to Membership.  

Membership in the Local shall be obtained upon the approval of a Membership Committee authorized to  accept or reject membership on behalf of the Local, subject to the right of the membership to overrule the  decision of the Membership Committee. 

Section 3. Retirement and Resignation.  

(a) Members in good standing (see article X, section 1 for definition) who retire or otherwise take a leave  of absence may have their membership continue.  

(b) A member may resign in writing to one of the Executive Officers of the Local or member of the  organizing staff.  

Section 4. Membership Meetings.  

(a) Membership meetings shall be held at least quarterly. The membership shall have the power to  determine the actual frequency and/or number of membership meetings to be held each year.  (b) All decisions made in membership meetings shall be by majority vote of the members present.  (c) The time and place of membership meetings shall be set by the Executive Board. Membership  meetings should be held so that members can participate remotely. 

(d) Special membership meetings may be called by the Executive Board with thirty (30) days notice, or  by petition of ten percent (10%) of the members.  

Section 5. Membership data  

(a) Membership data shall include but is not limited to information collected on membership forms and  interest lists.  

(b) Collected membership data shall become property of the Local.  

(c) Membership data will not be disclosed to any outside organization for any reason except as required  by administrative processes.  

(d) The Local’s Executive Board and staff shall take reasonable care to maintain the confidentiality of  membership data.  

Section 6. Rights of Membership.  

(a) The membership shall have full power over all matters, including the election of Local Officers and  otherwise amending these Bylaws.  

(b) The membership may at any time require from any union member or body a full and detailed  statement of account of any action or business done in the name of the union.  

(c) No member(s), Local Officer(s), or staff may enter into any agreement in the name of the union  without approval of the Executive Board and/or the membership.  

Section 7. Transfers 

The transfer of membership from this Local to the jurisdiction of another Local or from another Local to  the jurisdiction of this Local shall be made in accordance with Article V of the CWA Constitution.  

Section 8. Local Dues 

The dues of this Local shall be at least $20 per month. The dues amount is established, and can only be  changed by the Local in accordance with the policies and actions of the CWA Executive Board and the CWA Convention. Such dues payments will determine the Local’s delegate strength at the Union  Convention. 


Section 1. Definition.  

The Officers of the union shall be Local President, Local Vice President, Local Secretary-Treasurer. During  the initial organizing period, the Officers may be substituted by a 7-person Steering Committee, to be  elected by the membership. 

Section 2. Responsibilities.  

(a) The Local President shall serve as the primary contact person for the union, shall enforce these  Bylaws, shall report all actions of the Executive Board and Local Officers to the membership, and shall  preside at all meetings of the union or arrange otherwise.  

(b) The Local Vice President shall work at the direction of the Local President, assisting the Local  President, helping to coordinate activities throughout the Local, and performing the duties of the Local  President in her/his absence.  

(c) The Local Secretary-Treasurer shall work at the direction of the Local President and be responsible  for the maintenance of all bank accounts and for the account of all receipts and expenditures to the  membership and Executive Board in the form of monthly and annual financial reports and shall cause  the proper filing of all reports or filings required by federal, state or local law. The Local Secretary Treasurer shall also be responsible for the recording and distribution of the minutes of membership and  Executive Board meetings, for the maintenance of member and mailing lists and files, for furnishing the  CWA District Vice-President and the International Secretary-Treasurer with copies of any changes to  these Bylaws within ten (10) days after such changes are adopted, and for certifying the Local delegates  to the CWA Convention to the International Secretary-Treasurer within the time limits specified in  Article VIII of the CWA Constitution. 

(d) The Officers of the union will serve as Delegates to the Union Convention. 

Section 3. Eligibility.  

Any member in good standing (see article X, section 1 for definition) shall be eligible for election as an  Officer, however no member may serve in more than one (1) office. 


Section 1. Nomination.  

(a) Nominations shall be made from the floor at any meeting of the union held during the month of  September of an election year. It is the responsibility of the nominating member(s) to ensure beforehand  that each nominee has agreed to stand for the position for which she/he is being nominated.  (b) All members must be notified of the offices to be filled and the proper method of submitting  nominations at least fifteen (15) days prior to the first union meeting scheduled during September of an  election year. 

Section 2. Election.  

(a) The election of Local Officers shall be held during the month of October of an election year by  either mail referendum or by another method in compliance with federal law, as decided by the Local  Election Committee and upon approval of the Executive Board.  

(b) Notice of elections (and referendum ballots when applicable) shall be mailed to each member’s last  known mailing address not less than fifteen (15) days prior to the date and time set for the return of the  ballots.  

Section 3. Local Election Committee.  

(a) The nomination and election of Local Officers shall be conducted under the supervision of the Local  Election Committee. This committee shall have the authority and responsibility to see that nominations  and elections are conducted in accordance with federal law, the CWA Constitution and these Bylaws,  with reasonable opportunity for each member to nominate and vote for the candidate of their choice.  (b) The Local Election Committee shall also conduct any referenda submitted to the membership.  (c) All questions concerning the conduct and challenges of elections shall be determined by the Local  Election Committee, subject to the right of appeal to the governing body and membership of the Local  in accordance with Article XV of the CWA Constitution.  

Section 4. General Provisions.  

(a) Only members of the union in good standing (see article X, section 1 for definition) shall be eligible  to vote for Local Officers.  

(b) The nominees in any and all elections for Local Officer positions receiving the majority of the votes  cast shall be declared elected. If no one nominee has a majority on the first ballot, the vote shall be taken  again and the two (2) nominees having the greatest number of votes shall be nominees on the second  ballot.  

(c) The term of office shall be for three (3) years. 

(d) The term of office of outgoing Officers shall expire thirty (30) days after certification of the election  results, by which time they shall have delivered all books, records, monies and property to the newly  elected Officers.  

(e) The membership and/or Executive Board shall have the power to define additional responsibilities  for Officers as needed.  

(f) Officers shall serve in an administrative capacity only, with all the rights and responsibilities of  membership, but no special authority over non-administrative matters.  

Section 5. Resignation and Vacancies.  

(a) An Officer may resign in writing to the Local President or by verbal announcement at an Executive  Board meeting or membership meeting. 

(b) If an Officer, other than the Local President resigns, the Local President may appoint a member to  that position temporarily until the office is filled by election. 

(c) In the event of a vacancy in the office of the Local President, the Vice President shall assume the  duties of Local President until the next scheduled election. 


Section 1. Definition.  

(a) The Executive Board shall be a body of members that coordinates work, ensures that all decisions of  the membership are carried out in a timely and effective manner, and otherwise carries out the  administration of the Local between membership meetings.  

(b) The Executive Board shall act as the decision-making body of the Local between membership  meetings as long as its decisions follow the policies set by the membership and do not contradict these  Bylaws. Its decisions will be subject to democratic mechanisms, such as, any decision can be  transformed into a referendum or any decision can be rescinded by a majority vote of membership. 

Section 2. Composition and Responsibilities.  

(a) The Executive Board shall be composed of the Local Officers and elected Board members. Elected  Board members shall number in such an amount as to ensure that the total number of Board members  be no less than seven (7) persons.  

(b) The procedures for nominating and electing members to the Executive Board shall be the same as  applied to Local Officers. The term of office shall be the same as the term of office for Local Officers.  (c) In the event of a vacancy for any reason, the membership shall have the power to elect a new Board  member by majority vote at any membership meeting to serve the remainder of the term.  (d) The membership shall strive to elect members to the Executive Board that reflect the diversity of the  membership in all respects. Towards this end, the membership shall have the power to specify the  number of Board members and from which work areas, geographic locations, and/or job classifications  individual Board members may be elected. If the Executive Board is in any manner insufficiently  diverse, there will be a procedure to redress it. 

Section 3. Executive Board Meetings.  

(a) The time and location of Executive Board meetings shall be set by the Local President.  (b) Special Executive Board meetings may be called by a majority of its members.  (c) Executive Board meetings shall be open to all members of the Local.  

(d) All decisions of the Executive Board shall be final upon majority vote of the membership.  (e) Executive Board members may make motions and vote by electronic mail or telephone, provided all  Executive Board members have equivalent access to whatever means is employed and reasonable  opportunity to vote on all motions.  

(f) The Local Secretary-Treasurer shall ensure that all actions and decisions of the Executive Board and  the votes of each member are reported to the membership in a timely manner.  


Section 1. Good Standing.  

(a) A member in good standing is one who is aligned with our vision of joining together to collectively  improve conditions in the tower industry.  

(b) A member in good standing is one who has made her/his one-time initial membership contribution. (c) A member in good standing is one who participates in building the union. 

(d) A member in good standing is one who pays voluntary monthly dues of at least $20 per month. For  members subject to a collective bargaining agreement, a member in good standing is one who pays monthly dues in accordance with the policies and actions of the CWA Executive Board and the CWA  Convention.  


Section 1. Conduct of Business.  

Membership meetings and any other business of this Local shall be conducted under these Bylaws and rules  of the Local and in conformity with the CWA Constitution.  

Section 2. Due Notice.  

Due notice of at least seven (7) days must be given prior to any Local meeting.  

Section 3. Quorums.  

(a) The number constituting a quorum for Local meetings shall be those present.  

(b) A majority of the members of a work committee shall be the quorum for those bodies.  


Section 1. Recall of Local Officers.  

Any elected Officer of the Local may be recalled in accordance with the provisions of Articles XXI, Section  2, and XXII, Section 8, of the Union Constitution. A recall petition must be preferred by twenty percent  (20%) of the membership. 

Section 2. Recall of Executive Board Members.  

Executive Board members may be recalled by the same process described in Section 1 of this Article. Article XIII. REFERENDUM.  

A union-wide referendum on any organizational question may be initiated by the Local Election Committee  when directed to do so by the Executive Board or membership, or by petition of ten percent (10%) of the  members. Questions submitted for referendum shall be decided by majority vote of those voting on the  question.  

Article XIV. FINANCES.  

Section 1. Fiscal Year.  

The fiscal year of the Local shall be from October 1st of each year to and including September 30th of the  succeeding year.  

Section 2. Bank Accounts.  

All bank accounts shall be in the name of the Local and shall bear the signatures of the Local President,  Local Secretary-Treasurer, and up to two others designated by the Executive Board. These two other  designees shall be elected Officers or Executive Board members.

Section 3. Allocation of Funds.  

The Executive Board and Local Officers shall be responsible for allocating funds according to budgets  ratified by the membership. The membership, Executive Board, or any committee may request a full  account of all receipts and expenditures from any member or body of members.  


Members and officers of the Local may be disciplined for any of the acts enumerated in Article XIX of the  CWA Constitution. Trials and appeals shall be conducted under the provisions of Article XX of the CWA  Constitution. A trial court of this Local shall be composed of three persons, who are members of the Local  and not parties to the proceedings, and who shall be selected by the Executive Committee.  


The fiscal year of the Local shall be from October 1st of each year to and including September 30th of the  succeeding year. The financial records of this Local shall be audited by a Certified Public Accountant, or by  a committee established by the Local, at the end of each fiscal year. The results of such audit shall be made  available for the inspection of any member of the Local and a copy thereof shall be sent to the District vice  President.  


After adoption, these Bylaws may be amended by first, vetting such proposed changes with the District  Vice-President and then, either by referendum of the membership or by majority vote of the members  present in a membership meeting, provided the proposed amendment has been introduced at a previous  membership meeting or has been advertised by use of a union newsletter or by U.S. mail, postage prepaid, at  least seven (7) days in advance of the date voting takes place.  

The Executive Board will strive to convene a meeting annually to reconsider these Bylaws.  


The following interim procedures shall apply to this Local upon its chartering by the CWA Union Executive  Board, in accordance with Union policies regarding Organizing Locals:  

a) TCU/CWA Local 9424 shall be treated as an “Organizing Local.”  

b) The CWA Union Executive Board shall appoint a Chair of TCU/CWA.  

c) The Chair shall be a member or staff of the Union.  

d) In lieu of an Election Committee, the initial election for Steering Committee shall be conducted by  the Chair or her or his designee. The Chair shall coordinate with the Steering Committee to conduct  this election for the Steering Committee following the July 4, 2023 launch of the Local. Members  will then begin paying monthly dues. 

e) The Chair shall work with and provide guidance to the Steering Committee in the conduct of the  affairs of TCU/CWA and in preparing TCU/CWA for officer elections.  

f) The Chair shall fulfill the duties of Local President, Local Vice President, and Local Secretary Treasurer until those offices are filled through elections.  

g) The Chair shall report to the CWA Union Executive Board on a quarterly basis on the progress of  TCU/CWA with respect to TCU/CWA’s objectives and with respect to a timeline for TCU/CWA’s  officer elections. The Chair shall work to ensure such officer elections occur as soon as practicable. 

h) Upon approval of the CWA Union Executive Board, TCU/CWA officer elections shall proceed and  the Chair will transfer her or his officer duties to the duly elected officers upon their assumption of office, under her or his guidance.  

i) The Chair or her or his designees shall provide training and guidance to the elected officers, Steering  Committee, and other committees of TCU/CWA and report to the CWA Union Executive Board  on a quarterly basis regarding the progress of TCU/CWA, until such time as the CWA Union  Executive Board votes to end these interim procedures.  

These Bylaws adopted July 2, 2023.